Top Ten Proven Benefits of Exercise

Different people have different reasons for exercising. For some they want to look slim, cool, attractive and shapely, for some it may reason to be lean, energetic and happy, for some it can be solution of diabetes and other problems, the reasons are umpteen. But everyone is aware of benefits of exercise.

1. Make joints and bones strong

As we get older, our bones start to lose density and our joints become less flexible and stiffer.  Lean body mass starts to decrease. To overcome these entire problems regular exercise is the best thing to decrease all joints and bones related problems.

2. Mental sharpness improvement

Many studies have proven that exercising on regular basis makes a person very active, improves memory, improves concentration and decreases response time and increases alertness, which helps a person to live healthier and happy life. Aerobic activities are also helpful to excite superior parietal region and middle frontal of the brain. Exercising of 45 minutes, 3 times in a week is enough to improve mental sharpness.

3. Sleep well

As we know exercise is good for health and refreshes our mind and energized self for the day’s activities. For better sleeping, it is very important. Now a days people do less physical labor and due to the availability of modern technologies and gadgets they become lazier. They have a lot of health-related problems like sleep deprivation or improper sleeping pattern, aging earlier, heart and lung disease at a young age etc. Therefore, 20 to 30 minutes daily, 3 times in a week helps one to sleep better.  Exercises always help you to get good sleep.  It also increases the time of your deep sleep. Different kinds of exercise improve the quality of sleeping by making transitions between its cycle smoother and more regular.

Muscle Improvement

4. Muscle Improvement

Exercise is an activity that makes muscles work harder than normal. It increases muscles strength, size, power and endurance. Swimming, lifting weights, working with resistance bands, cycling, push-ups, sit-ups, squats are different types of muscle improvement exercises.

5. Boost strength

If your goal is to be physically strong then it’s very important to perform the movement that permits most weight exercise like bench press, variation squat, deadlift etc. These are the full body movement exercise that requires the full body effort to implement.  These all exercises always help to boost your strength. Everyone knows that exercise benefits in a long run.

6. Exercise effectiveness

People usually get stuck in certain exercise without realizing that they are not getting enough physical strength.  Effectiveness is not seeing any improvement or inspiring. Few people take a lot of rest time in between exercises or waste their time in chit-chatting.

7. Superior Flexibility

To have a superior flexibility, regular exercise is needed. For this kind of activity whole body training should be done. Training the whole body as one unit, you are able to simulate all the muscles in one exercise instead of two or three isolated exercise. This will result to get a total flexible body around all activities like traveling, swimming, biking, and yoga etc.

8. Reduce weight

We all want to burn excess calories as early as possible because it is harmful to our health. Due to high calories, maximum persons face many different types of physical health problems. To overcome all these problems peoples are using some activities to be fit like some person who go to the gym to reduce their weight. Some people like to workout at their own home. Some like to take medical treatment or medicines to reduce weight but exercise is the best. Because of the busy schedule, maximum people like to join a gym to burn calories. Daily minimum 45 minutes of exercise in a day helps people to reduce weight and burn calories.

There is some important point with exercise to remember to burn calories:

  1. Determine your calories reduction target.
  2. Keep your diet balanced.
  3. Avoid excessive fat food intake.
  1. Combine strength and cardio

Few people have confusion and they think strength training and heart or cardio are two different exercise. Inserting cardio exercise like jumping rope or short sprints in between strength building exercise will revive your body metabolism. It is a win-win situation.


Yoga asanas (postures) can be done once in a while along with strength building exercise. It is more of a physical, mental and spiritual combo. It is more of controlling body and mind. It is a meditative means of discovering perception for the release of suffering, inner peace and attaining salvation.

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