Top Five Fitness Mantra for You

Welcome to the world of fitness and congratulations for taking you’re first towards feeling great and getting in shape. Many people want to be fit and in shape but eat junk food and watching TV whole day long. Getting healthy and fit is a long process but it is worth the efforts you put in. It has a positive effect on body, mind, and soul. Here are some tips to have a fit body:

  1. Workout daily

One should exercise daily for at least an hour. No need to drop dead jogging, running etc. but involve yourself with judicious physical exercise in everyday life. If you wish to get rid of few kilos quicker then you can move to higher intensity exercises. You can take a brisk walk for an hour or you can jog with small sprints interval in between. One should not overstrain himself so as to feel severe pain during the workout. After a high intensity exercise your muscles will ache. The situation may continue for two or three days. Keep in mind to take a proper amount of liquids (juice, water) at proper intervals. Food rich in protein will rebuild your muscles and not you’re fat.

  1. Consume right food

Fresh fruits and green vegetables are the best sources of protein, vitamins, minerals etc. that the body needs. You may like to relish on chocolates or candy bar but they will not help you get into shape. One candy bar or chocolate will lead to another and so on, better put a full stop at the initial stage itself.

You can have lean meat like chicken and turkey, seafood like shrimps fish etc. is also a good alternative. These foods contain healthy nutrients and are full of proteins to keep you ready for the workout and keep muscles fit. Do not have two heavy meals a day. Instead, eat it in small portions and at regular intervals few times a day.

  1. Track your daily intake

One should keep track of how many calories are being consumed every day.  This will be helpful when you plan your physical exercise regime. Bodybuilders, wrestlers and weightlifters’ mass are much because they plan out their meals, and they intake more “healthy” calories than an average person. On the other hand, those who want to lose weight will have to burn more calories than their intake.

  1. Take sufficient good sleep

One should sleep for approximately eight hours. It helps our body metabolism to get recharged. As you put in nearly eight to ten hours at our jobs. If on any day you feel tired after hectic work it is better to take a half hour nap. A long nap will make you stay awake late at night. Whenever you feel exhausted, better lie down for sometime till tiredness drains out.

  1. Be motivated

To be in shape you will have to set small goals. Conquering each goal at a time will boost your motivational level. You will have to develop a positive mindset to achieve one goal after the other. If you are positive your confidence level and ability to keep your body fit will also get a boost automatically. The end result will be a fit, healthy and shapely body for a long time.

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