Overweight – A Trending Health Problem with Solutions

Most of the people think overweight as an appearance issue but actually, it is more a medical issue as it can seriously affect the persons’ health.

Most of the people think and talk that being overweight only makes diabetes and heart disease more complicated. But they fail to understand that overweight also creates joint pains, erratic sleeping, breathing problem, mood swings, and energy levels. It short being overweight does impact many spheres of person’s quality of life.

What is overweight?

When people consume more calories and burn fewer calories, those excess calories are stored in the body in form of fat.

If the stored fat is a couple of pounds it does not create much of problems and does not pose any health risk. But if the pattern of eating more and burning fewer calories is a regular one that more and more fat builds up in the body which creates a problem in the long run.

As this fat keeps on building up then at a certain level it starts showing a negative effect on the persons’ health. Medically this stage is called overweight or obese and weight-related health problems start showing their symptoms.

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More and more people are becoming overweight nowadays as compared to a decade or so back. When this problem increases in terrifying proportion experts technically call it an obese or overweight epidemic. Though it used to affect mostly the grown-up (above 40 -45 years) nowadays it can be seen in adults and teens too.

According to one of the research one-third kids in age group of 2 – 19 are getting overweight. And this develops health problem at a formative younger age. Health problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Factors that make people overweight

Overweight or obesity tends to run in some families and so some people have inherited affinity to gain weight more easily than others because they burn calories more slowly. In pre-historical times when there was the scarcity of food this was real advantageous but now when food is available 24×7 in most of the developed and developing countries, the well-organized metabolism which was important for survival in pre-historic times is now a disadvantage.

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As we know genes have a strong influence on our body type and size, but the surrounding environment also plays a crucial role. Most of the people gain weight today is because of very less physical activity required presently. For communication everyone just picks up mobile/phone and dial, no walking over to nearby stores to purchase just order it on internet or phone, no riding bicycles instead we use fossil fuel driven vehicles.

Even our choice of present-day food is unhealthy, all fried and fast foods. In most of the families, you can see members eating in front of the TV instead of on dining table. We intake high-calorie food (but burn less), low nutrition snacks and carbonated beverages, bigger portions but lead a less active lifestyle. All these factors contribute to being overweight.

How will you know you are overweight?

Overweight can be more complicated in adults than in teens as teens are still growing and developing and can lose weight more easily.

To determine overweight/normal/underweight doctors and other healthcare professionals use BMI (body mass index) as a calculating tool. It is an approximate measure which is calculated as body weight in kilogram divided by square of height in meters.

Normal BMI is supposed to be in a range of 18.5 to 25. It varies from time to time and from country to country though in many countries it is regularly revised. Once your BMI is calculated the doctor or health care professional will plot it on the standard graph and determine whether you are overweight/normal/underweight.

Health problems overweight persons face

Overweight is a bad news for many as both body and mind are affected by it. Many feel tired and uncomfortable walking short distances or climbing stairs. Extra weight adds stress to the body and especially bones and joints of the lower legs. Other risks associated with being overweight are described below.

High blood pressure – During high blood pressure, the heart has to pump harder and arteries carry blood under greater pressure then what they are supposed to handle. If this continues for a long duration of time both the heart and the arteries may no longer work well and create problems.

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Arthritis – Because of extra weight which the joints have to carry, they undergo more wear and tear than normal. This situation is painful once they wear and tear as there is more swelling and pain takes its place. In many cases, it can lead to bone deformity of the lower legs.

Asthma – Overweight people have breathing problems. Asthma prevents you from playing sports which need a lot of physical exertion, or walking down to grocery store nearby, or climbing flight of stairs or keeping up with friends in college while walking.

Liver – Fats, when it accumulates in lever causes inflammation, scarring, and causes permanent liver damage. It arrives early in those who consume alcoholic drinks regularly.

Is overweight curable?

It is never too late to make a new beginning. Make up your mind firmly that you can effectively control your weight so as to be called normal weight. Chalk out a plan, and let us help you how to control and deal with your overweight problem.

Food – Cut back on sugar and carbohydrate (starch) foods, your hunger level will go down and you will end up consuming much fewer calories. Your body will start feeding off on your stored fat. Consume food which is high in protein and low-carbohydrate vegetables (rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals).

Take three to four meals per day instead of standard two meals (lunch and dinner). Never miss breakfast. Eat your food slowly and chew it well. Avoid eating meals in front of the TV. Avoid carbonated drinks.

Exercise – You can start with a simple slow walk and move towards brisk walking. Slowly you can start light exercise along with the walk, gradually progress to stretching and weightlifting exercises and then hard exercise in your daily routine.

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You can choose other alternatives like jogging, running, cycling and swimming. Swimming is the best thing as each and every part of your body gets exercised.

Water – Once you wake up in the morning, first thing to do is to drink a glass full of warm water. Increase the quantity on weekly basis. After few weeks you will come to know the quantity you can easily consume and continue with that quantity on daily basis.

Daily drinking water can solve many other health-related problems apart from weight loss. If water is cold, body energy will be needed to warm it and if hot body energy will be needed to cool it in our intestine. This will be waste of your body energy. Hence warm water is more advisable. It boosts your metabolism and keeps your energy level high.

Sleep – Have a sound sleep for 8 hours daily. You will wake up without tiredness and feel energetic. Fixing a sleep time on a daily basis is better so does waking up time. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine few hours before your bedtime.