How to keep your heart healthy?

According to a Max Planck Institute research studied that if you take healthy and balanced diet, exercise daily, keeping weight under control, are a non-smoker and moderate drinker you can decrease heart disease by 92 percent. Even the life expectancy can be increased by seven years. Research was carried out on 14000 individuals.

1. Consuming 140 gms of dry fruits

One should start taking natural juice in breakfast. Orange juice contains folic acid which decreases the chances of heart attack. Grape juice saves from artery blockage. Once in a week if 140 gms of nuts like almond, walnut if consumed, decreases the possibility of heart by one third. Anti-oxidants from green tea decrease blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. Sleep for five to nine hours

One should sleep for seven to eight hours. Due to sleep deprivation, stress hormones and blood pressure increases. Sugar level also gets affected.   One should not sleep for less than five hours, which is dangerous. Even sleeping for more than nine hours is dangerous. Both condition increases chances of heart attack. According to studies by Warwick University, sleeping for less than six hours increases the possibility of heart disease by 48 percent.

3. Daily eat 500 gms of fruits and vegetable

It should be noted that 30 percent of required calories should not be derived from fats from our food. If one has previous history of heart disease than it should be 15 to 20 percent.Your diet should include 25 to 30 gms of fiber. If you are non vegetarian, than have fish once a week. Fish contain Omega 3 fatty acid which decreases chances of heart attack by 52 percent. Use of garlic stops the formation of artery blockage. Our food should contain more than 50 percent vegetables. See to it that your eat at least 500 gms of fruits and vegetable.

4. Do not increase your weight by more than 5 percent  

A study by American Heart Association in its journal said that if weight is increased by 5 percent has its effect on blood pressure, cholesterol and sleep. According to Howard research if the weight increases in the age group from 22 to 40 years, it increases the chances of diseases. Imperial college, London says that if someone is overweight but healthy, still the danger is 28 percent.

5. Drink sufficient water

Drinking water helps body and heart in many ways. Drinking sufficient water (experts suggest 8 glasses per day for adults) helps the flow of blood throughout our body in an easy and without any hindrance to all organs.

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