How is Drinking Water Good for You?

Do you feel thirsty? Even before the feeling of thirst occurs you are already dehydrated. The thirst signal from your body is calling for re-hydration or to drink water. Your body is composed of 60 percent of water. When you dehydrate and do not replenish performances of many body organs, glands, nervous system etc. gets affected. Proper water intake is the key to the well functioning of most of our system.

1. You can die

If you do not drink water you can die. You can live without food for quite some days but without water (depending upon the climatic condition) you may survive for few days to a week only.

2. Prevent cancer

Researchers have proved that by staying hydrated, we can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 40 percent. It also helps to reduce chances of bladder cancer by 50 percent and reduce breast cancer as well.

3. Affects moods

Staying dehydrated for long affects your mood. It makes you feel confused and grumpy. By consuming enough quantity of water makes your thoughts clear and makes you feel happy.

4. Increase performance

Consuming enough water increase performance in athletes. Our muscles composed of 75 percent of water. Dehydration leads to fatigue, weakness, and dizziness.

5. Weight loss

Staying hydrated suppress the appetite urge in you. Less appetite translates into losing weight and excess body fat. One gets slim.

6. Joint pains

Cartilage absorbs water, and decrease friction between bones. They act as a distancing medium (like the sponge) between two bones. When we walk, exercise, or do any physical work it involves joint movements. Friction develops between two bones. Drinking enough water keeps this cartilage soft and hydrated.

7. Digestive system

Water helps in proper functioning of our digestive system. Waste in our body gets flushed out in form of urine and sweat. By insufficient water consumption, waste gets collected in our body which causes many problems. Water combined with fiber can cure your constipation.

8. Headache

Water helps in smooth flow of blood in our body. Insufficient supply of blood to the brain causes a headache. So whenever you have a headache, take a glass of water and relax.

9. Glowing skin

Skin is the outer covering of our body. Cells of our skin keep on generating and dying. Drinking water at regular intervals improves color and texture of our skin. It builds new cells in a proper way. Water helps in regulating body temperature by sweating.

10. Circulating nutrients

Water helps in proper circulation of nutrients and other minerals to different parts of our body. Enough nutrients and minerals reach to different parts of the body, they all stay healthy and things go around well.

There is a thumb rule for drinking water. Carry a water bottle everywhere, this will remind you to drink water. Try eating raw vegetables and fruits. They are dense in water. Drink water until you start urinating more and more. Your urine should be light colored.

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