How is Couple Workout Beneficial for Good Fitness?

People keep up late night. Get up late in the morning. Have to rush to their office or shop. Many have little or no time for the workout. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, usually exercise is not given much importance because it eats up their family time. If you are in a senior position there are chances that you will not be able to give enough time to your family.

Trending the middle path that is spending time with better half and staying fit, many have come up with a couple work-out. It is spending time and doing exercise or yoga together. One can find a lot of innovative and brand new ideas about it on the internet.

Fosters better bonding

Many couples may or may not have a communication problem but togetherness, closeness, companionship and trust can become challenging over a period of time. Being a part of a couple daily workout arrangements can resolve these issues. An added advantage is that both spend that time together in each other’s company.

When a person is performing the exercise, they release happy hormones like endorphins and dopamine. Together releasing these hormones help couples to bond in a much better way.

types of workout

Different types of workout

In the couple workout both partners first set up the fitness goal. Both first plan things out starting with morning walk together. A plan can be like yoga on one day, aerobics on another day and things like that. Workout session together enhances your teamwork along with intimacy.

Why together? Because each motivates the other to go past their limits and push up further. In certain exercises, they may work out side by side and in other exercises, they may be required to take help of each other.

Few exercise couples can perform taking each other’s help

Squats and push-ups – One of the partners is in push up position another partner places the ankle of the first partner on the shoulder. When the first partner goes down for push up the second partner goes down for squat. When the first partner comes up from push up position the second one comes from squat position to a standing one. Both moving in tandem. They can change places after few pushups – squats.

Lunges – It is types of exercise in which one leg is positioned forward with knee bend and the second leg is in kneel down position, arms stretched forward or sideways. Facing partner and holding each other hand. When your right leg moves forward partners left leg goes back and vice versa.

Resistance push-up – It is a simple push up but here the couples do the pushup in the opposite direction and one partner on the top that is both faces the ground. One partner is in push up ready mode. Another also form’s a push-up pose holding calf of another and legs on the shoulder.  They do pushup alternately. Be careful of the grip on calf muscles. For the lower partner, the other’s weight acts as a resistance. Change positions after few pushups.

Though there are many exercises like upper body twist exercise, bending, etc. which can be performed by couples together. Couples who train together, stay together.

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