Do you know how you can boost memory with heavy weight lifting exercise?

Every person goes to the gym to burn calories and excess fat. But not many people know that lifting weights also can boost your memory. This can also be another reason to hit the gym regularly. In a new study, it is advised that 20 minutes of heavy workout can boost your memory also called long-term memory. A new study claims that in young adult almost 10% of their memories was boosted up.


Enhancing memory through exercise is not new. In the previous study, it shows that doing monthly aerobic exercises and running can help boost memory, but in a recent study by Georgia Institute of Technology participant were made to lift weights once in 2 days before testing.


During the research, a participant had to see a series of 90 photos on the computer screen. These images were equally distributed between neutral, positive and negative emotions.

After that, the participants were asked to remember the images. Every participant was made to sit on leg extension exercise machine & had to partly extend their legs with their maximum effort.

During this experiment, every participant’s heartbeat and blood pressure was monitored. Control group sat on the chair & allowed the experimenter to move their legs along with the machine. Experimenter also took the saliva samples of the entire participants, through which team detected their level of neurotransmitter.

After 48 hours participant returned to the lab and to see the series of 180 images, in which half of them were original and half of them were new images.


In comparison with control group participant those who did exercise were able to remember almost 60% of the images. Lifting heavy weight exercises can boost memory but experts say, people do not spend sufficient time for exercise which boosts up their memory.

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