Top Eight Benefits of Morning Walk for Healthy Life

A morning walk is the blessing for everyone to start a refreshing day. It is beneficial for each and every one and is the best exercise for a healthy lifestyle. If you are conscious of your fitness and go to the gym then morning walk should be included as part of your daily activities.  Believe me, apart from other activities, only 30 minutes of morning walk can give you a sense of happiness, calms your agitated nerves and relaxes the body, mind and the soul. One more thing, in the early morning, we can easily get much needed refreshing oxygen that we always miss in the populated city. The freshness and energy that we get from early morning walk are pretty necessary to make day happy and calm.

People, who spend their maximum time in the gym and fitness center, will be surprised after knowing that 30 minutes of walk in the morning is equivalent to 2-hour hardcore exercise in the gym. This is the reason that doctor always suggests older and younger to go for a stroll in the morning. It actually does a lot for our body with minimal effort. Just after sunrise, it is the best time for the morning walk to boost your energy and make day healthier.

There are many benefits of an early morning walk. Morning walk benefits to mind, body, and soul. These are described below:

Benefits of morning walk:

1. It is a great way to start a day

It is an awesome way to start your day healthy and happy. There are lots of people who start the day with an energetic morning walk. They can tell you how morning walk is the fabulous way to start a day. Now it is time for you to start your day with a morning walk. It will surely energize you and refresh your mood to start the day for going to office/workplace/school and doing some work at home.

2. It refreshes your mind

One of the benefits of morning walk is to refresh the mind. Really, this is one of the best advantages of walking in the morning.  Whether you had slept well or not at the night, it will guarantee to help you to start your day with the healthy and refreshing mind. During the morning walk, the sunlight and the cool air play the important role in boosting your mood and prevent stress. It helps to improve your learning skills, improve your knowledge and problem-solving skills, helps you to sharpen or pay attention, make decisions and be creative.

3. It is also counted as a physical exercise

If you don’t have enough time to go to the gym or you cannot afford to join any fitness center then morning walk is the best physical exercise for you. It is free and does not consume much time. It is the form of warm-up exercises before starting your daily routine. It does not need any equipment and any club membership. To get fit, you only need to decide your morning time and space according to your choice and needs.

4. It is good for your heart

One of the most prominent benefits of the morning walk is preventing heart diseases such as heart attack and also helps to reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is beneficial for both women and men. Three hours of brisk walking every week can lower a woman’s risk of heart disease up to 30%. With moderate exercise and one hour of a regular morning walk, five days in a week can reduce a man’s risk of stroke just half.

morning walk in the garden

5. It strengthens your bones and joints

Studies have proved that at least half an hour of daily morning walk can help you to prevent deterioration of osteoporosis as compared to high-impact activities like running and aerobics. It is easy for joints thus reduces the risk of joint pain/swelling. Regular walking in the morning helps to reduce the risk of hip diseases. Regular walking can decrease your back pain. It promotes the development of muscles, speeds up the release of endorphins and increases blood circulation.

6. It helps you to weight control

One of morning walk benefits is to decrease overweight. If you want to lose weight then try walking as briskly as you can. It may look like a leisurely activity but with the right intensity, it can increase your heart rate and burn many calories so that you can maintain a healthy weight. You will burn approximately 75 calories by walking 2 miles for about 30 minutes.

7. It helps to lower diabetes risk

The risk of type 2 diabetes reduces about 60 percent by a regular habit of walking and one can have nearly 20 percent less chance to develop colon, breast or uterine cancer. Regular walking also helps to prevent or postpone chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

8. It helps to prevent dementia

Elder people, who regularly walk six miles or more per week, they can easily avoid dementia and preserve memory as far as possible. Dementia affects one in fourteen people over 65 years, so walking is the great way to prevent dementia.

morning walk in group

Other benefits:

  • Boosts Vitamin D: It helps to boost vitamin D that helps to make strong immune systems and bones healthier.
  • Improves appetite: It helps to improve your hunger level after walking in the morning with some physical exercise which helps to maintain proper weight. Always try to eat a healthy breakfast after a morning walk.
  • Reduce stress: Walking in the early morning helps you to reduce your stress by increasing production of “feel good” hormones in your body.
  • Help to stay positive: Cool air and energetic sunlight in the morning fill you with the positive thinking and calm nature that helps you to stay positive the whole day so that you can face challenges.
  • Gives you energy: It boosts blood circulation and increases the supply of oxygen to every cell in your body so that you can feel more alert and active. Always try walking after your lunch break to get more energy in the afternoon also.
  • Plan your day: The best time for planning your day is when your mind is clear, refresh and you feel physically good. During the morning walk, you can do this. It helps to think clearly during the day. This gives you time be alone with your thoughts before all chaos of the day begins.
  • Makes you socialize: It helps you to socialize with your friends, family members and a group of people during walking. It creates more fun and energy when you go for a morning walk with them.
  • Sleep soundly: It is one of the most important benefits of a morning walk. It gives you a good night’s sleep that helps you to start a day with full of energy and refreshing mind and end the day right as well.

Here, we have discussed some of the prominent benefits and advantages of the morning walk. Now, it is your turn to start your day with refreshing mind and a good feeling.

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