How to Have Beautiful Skin and Hair?

You can get smoother skin than what it presently is. Your hair softer and stronger than what they are at present well, the cost is the fraction what you will spend in a beauty parlor. Home remedies are the perfect solutions for it.

Many young women look for a better, cheap and easy solution to do at home every now and then. As going to beauty parlor costs a good amount of time and money too, therefore, it is not an instantaneous solution. It takes time and a bit of effort from you but results are overwhelming.

There are festivals every now and then. There are other celebrations like birthdays, kitty parties, marriages and others as well. So, having beautiful skin and hair is needed for everyone.

Here is a collection of some of the homemade recipes for both skin and hair. These will give you a fascinating look.

1.      For oily and dull skin

Mix yogurt with some sugar. Massage this mixture on your skin. With orange peel scrub gently, until sugar granules melt. Wash with cool water. You can see your skin glowing. You can do this as frequently as you wish before bath.

2.      For dry, tired and dull skin

Make a scrub of oats, honey, and little cold milk. First, massage your skin with papaya flesh. Leave it to dry. Then scrub the skin with prepared mixture. Wash it off with ice cold raw milk and water. Take bath as usual.

3.      For dry and combination skin

Take one cup of grounded gram flour (Besan). Add a tablespoon of powdered turmeric, honey, and milk cream. Make it a thick paste. Apply to your body and gently scrub. Leave it to dry. Have a bath with warm water. Your skin will give a glowing look. Not for those who have oily skin.

4.      For very curly and crimped hair

Take two lemons. Slice them and put them in two cups of water. Boil it in water, till it reduces to half the quantity. Strain and pour this water into spray bottle. Spray it on your hair. You will see that fly away hair will be orderly and your hair will get wonderful shine.

5.      Natural hair color

If you do not have time to apply henna or color your hair. Here is a quick fix recipe. Take few small stem bearing leaves of rosemary along with 2 tablespoons black tea. Put it in two cups of water and bring it to boil until it reduces to one cup. Mix this with one-fourth cup of shampoo. Use this mixture every time you shampoo your hairs. Wash off your hair after about 15 minutes of applying the mixture.

6.      For a smooth back and arms

Wearing a dress that keeps your back open or is sleeveless? Take one cup of sea salt, half cup of olive oil, five drops of sandalwood oil. Mix well to form a thick paste. Store this mixture in a glass jar. Apply to areas you want to flaunt, that is arms, back and lowers legs. Scrub the areas gently. Wipe off with a cool wet towel.

7.      Black circle below eyes

Take used, white and yellow daisy-like flower’s tea bags and store them in a deep freezer. Shred or mash half a cucumber. Lie down and massage with cucumber around eyes area. Keep tea bags on your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. You will be happy that your dark circles will slowly and steadily decrease and vanish within a fortnight. Taking good sleep will help you further to deal with a dark circle.

8.      Face care pack

Wash your face with cold water. Apply honey all over the face. Beat the white of the egg. And spread it on the face. Let it dry. You will get a stretching sensation on the face. Wash face with ice cold water. It is an instant facelift.

9.      Quick fix for oily hair

If you have oily hair and do not have time to shampoo and dry your hair. Scatter a small quantity of talcum powder and amla powder on your hairbrush or comb. Overturn your hair over your head. Start combing hair from the nape of the neck towards hair tip. Once finished throw your hair back. Your hair will look oil free and will be bouncy.

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